Use the Roller Ready with confidence on any painting project.

The Roller Ready is a one-piece tool that is simple and straightforward. This handy tool is designed to fit seamlessly onto any standard drill making it easy to use with the equipment you already have. Once the Roller Ready is installed on a drill just slip the tool into a dirty paint roller. Turn on your drill and let Roller Ready do the work for you. The centrifugal force will spin off any excess paint. Then submerge the roller into water and let the spinning action in the water clean the roller.

  • Girl PainteR

    "Girl PainteR" Johana C Reyes Deras loves the Roller Ready. See her video & review.

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  • Family Handyman

    Family Handyman named Roller Ready the "Best Roller Cleaner"!

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  • BillsHowTo

    BillsHowTo featured the Roller Ready in his "Paint Roller Cleaner Hack" video.

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  • Taras Kul

    Taras Kul (Russian Hacker) loves the Roller Ready! See his video (shared with millions!)

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  • Okeefe Painting

    Okeefe Painting cleans many rollers quickly with the Roller Ready!

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