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Roller Ready

Roller Ready® Paint Roller Cleaner - Mini Pro Peg

Roller Ready® Paint Roller Cleaner - Mini Pro Peg

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The Roller Ready® Mini Pro Peg is compatible with the smallest of rollers. 

The item that is for sale is a plastic tool (the current photo shows a metallic roller and is not a representation of the current item)

Clean Paint Rollers Fast

Stop throwing away salvageable dirty paint rollers and save time and money with the Roller Ready® paint roller cleaning tool. Whether you’re an experienced professional painter, or an earnest homeowner taking on a DIY project, this simple, easy-to-use paint remover device attaches to your cordless drill to quickly and efficiently clean your paint rollers. The Roller Ready works on standard roller heads of all lengths and eliminates paint mess in the sink, kitchen and other work station areas. This device is a great home-improvement solution that allows you to reuse your rollers again and again, getting you the most out of your tools, painting products and money.

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